Credit card secutity

Merchant Warehouse, a premier provider of merchant accounts and credit card processing solutions, today announced a partnership with pcAmerica, a point-of-sale (POS) system provider for the retail and restaurant industries. The first effort of the partnership is the integration of Merchant Warehouse's MerchantWARE solution with pcAmerica’s Cash Register Express and Restaurant Express POS systems. This joint offering will significantly reduce the possibility of cardholder data loss, in the event of a network security breach.

“It is extremely important for us at pcAmerica to supply our customers with the highest quality and most secure products,” said David Gosman, chief executive officer of pcAmerica. “After careful consideration and research, it was obvious Merchant Warehouse has the right technology and is the partner that can help us deliver the next-generation solution for our customers. As we continue to develop our products to meet the ever changing need of our retail and restaurant customers, our relationship with Merchant Warehouse will continue to grow.”

The MerchantWARE solution contains two core components, the first being a secure card reader that instantly encrypts card data at the point-of-swipe to ensure sensitive data is never exposed while transmitted throughout private and public networks. The second component is the MerchantWARE Payment Gateway, which enables merchants to process credit cards, debit, and EBT cards, manage their account over a secure Internet connection and store transaction information at the MerchantWARE host. Additionally, the software provides extensive reporting features with the capability to re-charge, refund or adjust previously processed cards, all without decrypting confidential cardholder data.

“pcAmerica is truly ahead of the pack by incorporating our PCI DSS-compliant encryption technology into their sophisticated POS systems, ensuring safe transfer of customer data while easily adhering to the PCI DSS guidelines,” stated Henry Helgeson, president and co-CEO of Merchant Warehouse. “We are truly excited to assist pcAmerica in adding another layer of protection to their product offerings with the addition of our security compliant technology.”